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Skills to improve the service life of a vibrating screen

发布时间:2018-01-27 18:29

Vibrating screen is a widely used screening equipment. How to improve the service life of the vibrating screen in the process of using vibrating screen has always been the most important thing that customers want to know. The company provides some skills to improve the service life of the vibrating screen for your reference.

1。 check whether the attached safety splint is unloaded before starting。

2. check whether all the locking parts are firm.

3. check whether the sieves on the screen are pressed tightly.

4。 check the rubber pad with the screen and the frame。

5。 check the connection between the vibrating motor and the sifter。

6. check the vibration motor;

7. check the power supply voltage;

8. check the interlocking control device of the vibration motor.

9。 remove the end cover of the motor, check the relative phase angle of the fan block to be consistent, tighten the fastening screw of the fan block。

10. the angle of the two motor installation should be consistent.

11. check the entrance and exit of the hose connection is sealed, at the same time do not tighten, otherwise the sieves will be torn when the movement of the body;

12. empty load test, when testing, the screen body and the frame should not have collision or abnormal sound.
13. to check the amplitude, there should be no distortion such as distortion and other abnormal phenomena when the sieve body is moving in the reciprocating line.

14. operation and 10-15 minutes, the bolts of the driving mechanism are tightened with the plate hand.
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