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How to choose the high quality vibrating screen equipment?

发布时间:2018-01-30 16:24

Before we buy a vibrating screen, we must first know what affects the screening process, and what are the factors that affect the screening process? Global crusher network Summary of the three categories for everyone to refer to。 The details are as follows:
One, The physical properties of the screened material, including the size composition of the material itself, the humidity, the content of the mud, and the shape of the particles. When the fine grain content of the material is large, the productivity of the screening machine is also large. When the humidity of the material is large, the screening efficiency will generally be reduced. However, the larger the sieve size, the smaller the moisture. Therefore, in order to improve the screening process, wet screen can generally be used for wet wet materials. The material contains a large amount of mud (when the content of mud is more than 8%) should be wet sieving or pre washing.
Two, the influence of the properties of the sieve surface and its structural parameters:
The vibrating screen is the vertical motion of the particle and the sieve surface, so the sieving efficiency is high and the production capacity is great. The relative motion of the particle and the sieve surface is mainly the bar sieves of parallel motion, the plane vibrating screen, the cylinder screen and so on. The screening efficiency and the production capacity are low. For a certain material, the productivity and screening efficiency of the sieving machine are determined by the size of the sieve. Productivity depends on the screen width, wide screen high productivity. The screening efficiency depends on the length of the screen, and the efficiency of the sieving surface is high.  The ratio of length to width is 2. The greater the sieving area (the ratio of the sieve area to the whole screen area), the higher the unit area productivity and sieving efficiency of the sieve surface. The larger the size of the sieve, the greater the productivity of the unit sieves, the higher the screening efficiency.
Three, the influence of production conditions: when the load of the screening machine is large, the screening efficiency is low。 To a large extent, the peace rate of a sieve depends on the size of the sieve hole and the efficiency of the total screening; the greater the sieve hole, the higher the efficiency is when the screening efficiency is lower。 The uniformity of feed is of great significance to the screening process。 The angle of the sieving machine is suitable, which is usually determined by the test。 It is the amplitude and vibration of the vibrating screen, which is related to the structural property of the vibrating screen。 In a certain range, the increase of vibration can improve the screening index。 We should pay more attention to the above three points when we buy vibrating screens or sieves。 Only when we consider the above important factors that affect the screening, can we buy the most economical screening machine that meets our production efficiency。
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