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FYBS swing screen

Release time:2018-01-27 18:02

FYBS swing screen prototype picture:
FYBS swing screen
Introduction of FYBS swing screen:
The simple pursuit of the accuracy of screening will sacrifice the production, and the pursuit of high yield will drop the accuracy, square precision swinging sieve is a kind of high precision high production efficient screening equipment specially designed to solve the above problems, it is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, food, abrasive and other industries.
Through the square precision swing screen, the vibrator will vibrate and swing to the screen surface, so that the material can disperse quickly in the front part of the screen, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient screening。
FYBS swing screen features and applicable industries:
(1) the effect of self cleaning network is excellent (2) with high use rate and long life (3) sealing effect
Used in: Chemical (chemical fertilizer, resin, melamine, soda, etc。)
Food (starch, salt, sugar, milk powder, etc.)
Metallurgy, nonferrous metals, nonferrous metals, alkaline materials, etc.
The working principle of FYBS swing screen:
From the trajectory of the screen, the square rocking screen is also called the reciprocating screen. The vibration force generated by the driving device is an inertial force that changes a certain regular direction and direction, and its essence is the reciprocating inertia force formed by the eccentric wheel's rotation around the fixed axis. According to the structural characteristics and working principle of the swing screen, the sieve surface is generally horizontal or slightly inclined (the angle of tilt is 0 -5). The working principle of the swing sieve sieve machine starts, and under the effect of shaking sieve machine is the sieve box in the inertial force of the reciprocating sieve box drives the sieve surface periodically shaking, so that the screen material with the screen box with directional jumping movement. During the period, the material smaller than the pore size of the screen surface falls through the sieve hole to the lower layer and becomes the sieving object. After the continuous rolling and jumping motion, the material larger than the size of the sieve surface is discharged from the discharge port, and finally the screening operation is completed.
From the FYBS orientation structure and working principle of the screen can be seen, the driving device of the eccentric tread trajectory of materials and materials in the effect of residence time on the surface of the screen is very important, such as the machine processing ability and the screening efficiency has the opposite effect, therefore, in the actual screening operation, we can according to the specific situation and the need to have a choice in the two aspects of production capacity and screening efficiency.
FYBS swing screen technical parameters:
FYBS swing screen


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