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BS wave screen separator

Release time:2018-01-27 16:45

BS wave screen separator prototype picture:
BS wave screen separator
BS wave screen separator structure:
BS wave screen separator structure
The use of BS wave screen separator:
The BS series is a kind of wave screen without special screening equipment for sieving raw coal screening design, used for coal before the particles can be choosing materials without screening various specifications, get the necessary material size, to meet the needs of power station. This product is one of the important equipment for coal conveying system in thermal power plant. It can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, coal and other systems.
Product features of BS series wave screen separator:
This machine is the use of mechanical method, through multiple parallel rows on the rotor in a special screen form changing sieve composition of its screen surface, the rotor in the same direction and equal speed circumferential rotation, so that the screen surface coal with peach shaped sieve staggered rotary, wave moves forward and achieve the efficient screening. The product has the advantages of small volume, high screening efficiency and large output capacity, and it can automatically clean up the screen surface, do not block the screen, has wide adaptability, no vibration, no dust and noise. The machine has a bypass device, which can realize automatic control.
The technical parameters of BS series wave screen separator:
The technical parameters of BS series wave screen separator
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