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SZR hot ore vibrating screen

Release time:2018-01-29 09:59

SZR series of hot ore vibrating screen prototype picture:
SZR hot ore vibrating screen
Use and characteristics of SZR hot ore vibrating screen:
The SZR series thermal ore shaker is mainly used for the classification of medium and small size sinter in the metallurgical industry at 600-800 degrees centigrade, and the uniform material operation for the cooling equipment is completed。 According to the working condition, the motor can be installed on the left side or the right side。 According to the installation position of motor or exciter, the hot shale shaker can be divided into upper or lower vibration modes。 According to the user's requirements, our company can design and manufacture various specifications of the thermal vibrating screen。
The working principle and structure characteristics of SZR hot ore vibrating screen:
The SZR series of hot ore vibrating screens are all mounted。 A double shaft exciter is used, the motor does not vibrate, and two motors are used for external self synchronous rotation, so that the sieve body moves periodically along the straight line to achieve the purpose of screening。
The beam series hot screen and screen box side plates made of heat or stainless steel plate, and the ring groove rivet, fastening not only good, but also greatly reduces the internal stress generated by welding.
This series of hot screen with sieve plate made of wear-resistant materials of high temperature resistance, good heat resistance, has the characteristics of no deformation, long service life, convenient installation, easy disassembly of sieve plate.
This series of hot screen using two isolation device, can greatly reduce the impact on the basis of the work equipment, thereby reducing the cost of foundation.
SZR hot ore vibrating screen installation and debugging:
1, before installation, the on-site installation diagram based and sieve check, plane error less than 3mm of embedded steel。
2, before installation, according to the sequence of sieve from bottom to bottom, every step is adjusted to the initial qualified state, and then proceed to the next installation.
3, the screen is installed, adjust the relative position, a damping spring and two are vertical, the motor axis should be below the vibrator axis 3-5mm, the motor bracket, the spring base and embedded steel spot welding.
4, it is required that two motors have the opposite direction, and the eccentric block of the exciter is in the same phase.
5。 The vibrating screen is operated for 4-6 hours。 It requires the sieves to run smoothly, without swinging and abnormal sound, and checking the tightening status of the sieve plate and the exciter。
SZR hot ore vibrating screen use and maintenance:
1, the screen machine should avoid material starting, cleaning around the screen machine around and on the machine.
2. During the work of the sieves, if it is found that the operation is not stable, there is abnormal sound or other abnormal conditions, it should be stopped immediately.
3, check the bolt connection frequently, if there is loosening and tighten immediately.
4, the adjustment, use and maintenance of Zhenyuan, please refer to the instructions. (vibration motor use 3 months after refueling, vibrator once a month, half a year small maintenance, a year of maintenance.)
5, the spring is easy to accumulate dust impurities, affecting the normal work of the spring, should be often cleaned.
SZR hot ore vibrating screen technical parameter table:
SZR hot ore vibrating screen technical parameter table
SZR hot ore vibrating screen outer size table:
SZR hot ore vibrating screen outer size table

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