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ZDS linear equal thickness vibrating screen

Release time:2018-01-27 16:04

ZDS linear equal thickness vibrating screen (rubber screen) prototype picture:
ZDS straight line thickness vibrating screen
ZDS series of linear equal thickness vibrating screen brief introduction:
Applicable to the classification of ore sinter, sintering and pelletizing, metallurgical industry, mining industry, coal industry classification, dehydration, supporting medium screening industry, compared with other types of the same size sieve machine, large capacity, high efficiency, simple structure, easy operation, low failure rate, the lowest cost, is used large sintering plant, pellet plant, mineral processing plant, coal washery preferred large vibrating screen.
The working principle of ZDS series double axis self synchronous equal thickness vibrating screen:
Two motors through the eccentric shaft vibration exciter for drag reverse rotation shafts of the eccentric mass synthesis of linear or elliptic motion to drive the screen in screen on the base isolation system by linear or elliptical motion, the material into the vibrating sieve box in continuous cast in advance to achieve through the sieve according to the particle size and grade。
Since the dual axis self synchronizing ellipse (straight line) vibrating screen does not have any forced synchronizing device, it realizes self synchronization, and saves complex synchronization devices. The structure is very simple and the operation is very simple. Fewer parts, fewer fault points, less maintenance and low cost. The transmission path is short, the transmission parts are few, the energy consumption is little, energy saving, and the noise is low.
Due to the equal thickness sieving, the material is sieved fully, and the screening efficiency and the amount of treatment are taken into account. So the screening efficiency is high and the amount of treatment is large.
ZDS series double axis self synchronous equal thickness vibrating screen model description:
ZDS- equal thickness vibrating screen code
The screen surface width DM
The screen length DM
ZDS linear equal thickness vibrating screen technical parameter table:
Technical parameters of ZDS straight line and other thick vibrating screen


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