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PZS plane rotary screen

Release time:2018-01-27 16:37

PZS plane rotary screen machine prototype picture:
ZS plane rotary screen
Introduction of PZS plane rotary screen separator:
PZS rotary screen machine is a new type of screening equipment introduced by foreign technology on the basis of many years of production screening machine. The machine has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure balance, completely closed structure, dustfree dyeing, anti plugging hole, anti sticky net and so on. In particular, it is more obvious for the urea screening operation with strong hygroscopicity, large stickiness, easy plugging and sticky mesh. The motion and static ratio of the equipment and the basic dynamic load are effectively reduced because of the principle of plane rotation motion.

The purpose of PZS plane rotary screen:
The PZS type plane rotary urea sieve separator is mainly a new type of screening equipment for the screening of large urea. It can be widely used in chemical, chemical fertilizer, urea, grain processing, refractories, building materials and other industries.
PZS plane rotary screen separator advanced:
A. has no vertical vibration, and the life of the screen is long (6-12 months).
Each layer of B. is equipped with screen plug cleaning device. There is no hole in the screen, and it is in the running period. The sieve machine is continuously cleaning the screen under the working condition.
Because of the principle of plane rotation, C. obviously improved the distribution status of materials, thereby improving the effective utilization rate of the screen surface, and ultimately improving the screening efficiency, and reducing the powder content in the finished products.
The D. completely closed structure has no dust pollution and improves the operator's working environment.
E. reduces the load by 3-5 times.
PZS plane rotary screen separator technical parameters:
PZS plane rotary screen separator technical parameters

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