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YBS vibrating screen

Release time:2018-01-27 17:03

YBS vibrating screen prototype picture:
YBS vibrating screen
Introduction of YBS vibrating screen:
The design of YBS shaker is designed to meet the requirements of a large efficiency and high precision screening plant. The most efficient screening machine is designed. The simplest screening is binocular fixation and double screen. In this swing screen mechanical simulation, it is the most effective to simulate the effective movement of the principle of artificial screening (screening accuracy, efficiency, sieve life is 5-10 times of conventional round sieve), with powder and particulate materials all fine and ultra-fine, especially suitable for materials which are difficult to deal with.
YBS vibrating screen features:
Output per unit area up to 5 times; accurate to 6 degrees of separation, the screening efficiency is as high as 90%-95%; use silicon rubber ball, ultrasonic high effect clear net device system, the mesh is not blocked. The operation is safe and closed, the acceleration is 4.5 times lower than that of the vibrating screen. The life of the sieve parts is increased and the maintenance is reduced; the noise is less than 75 decibels. The optimized weight balance and the low dynamic load of the foundation.
Working principle of YBS vibrating screen:
The basic rotary motion is similar to that of the artificial screen, the eccentricity is adjustable from 25 to 40mm, and the low speed V belt drive is adjustable from 120 to 360rpm。
The residence time of each product can be adjusted by the radial and tangent angle of the swing screen to the driving axis direction.
Therefore, the horizontal and throw three - bit roll - up movement is established. The material is distributed evenly across the screen from the center to the outer edge, and propagates axially with the spiral motion. Fine particles thus complete the whole screening process.
The horizontal and vertical acceleration increases with the particle movement, close to the aperture size of particles with successful separation; larger particles were transported to the outlet, the outlet by an adjustable guiding device to control the flow, the guiding device is another factor to control the residence time of materials.
This process is repeated between each sifting layer.
Application of YBS vibrating screen:
Chemical, food and spices, plastics, mining, medicine, wood and plywood, metallurgy, rubber, feed, chemical fertilizer, sugar and salt industry, recycling industry.
YBS vibrating screen technical parameter table:
YBS vibrating screen technical parameter table


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